“Rose on the Chest” (Part 11)

“Rose on the Chest” (Part 11)

Ecy Pyu

“Rose on the Chest”
Part (11)

“I’m not tired of this.”
When Ain Ren said, Lin Yew looked at Ain Ren with pain.
“Thank you for helping me… If it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry.”
“You talk a lot… I have more rooms in my house… I don’t have to worry about a guest coming… Sometimes I want a guest to come so much that I even have to pay for them…”
Red’s words caused me to glance up at Lin Yee’s closeness.
Ani Ren looked back at Lin Ye and smiled.
Her smile made Lin Yee feel as though she was diminishing the smallness in her heart.
“How long have you been in the hospital?”
“Well, you and I met at the shopping center once, do you remember… from those early days?”
I looked at Lin Ye’s red face and sighed.

“Aunty, is it sunny?”
Red greeted and stood by the patient’s bed.
“I am Lin Ayew’s friend…let me take my sister to my house tonight, auntie…don’t worry about my sister.”
Lin Yeu’s mother looked up at Red and gently nodded her head.
Looking at Lin Yew’s mother in red, I remembered her mother who had passed away.
And I felt compassion for Lin Yeu and his siblings.
I know from my own experience that if one person in a house is sick, the rest of the family will have a lot of anxiety.
At times like this, no matter how mentally strong you are, the feeling of weakness always starts to creep in, right?
Thank you….Your favors are too much for me.”
When Red was about to return, Lin Yeu leaned close to Red and whispered.
I felt bad when I looked at Lin Yeu’s pale face in red.
“Friends, there’s no need to talk about these things…so you both have to sleep…you should rest for a day…”
At Red’s words, Lin Yeu gently nodded his head.

“So Auntie’s disease is going to require surgery, yes, sister?”
Anirin and the two of them arrived home, showered, and ate while they were sitting and talking.
When I learned about their mother’s illness, which Lin Ayew’s sister told me, I began to understand Lin Ayew’s position.
“When my father was there, the situation wasn’t so bad….My father was gone, my brother worked alone and sold the house and the farm. I think my mother became even more depressed….Since he moved to your uncle’s farm, the disease has gotten worse…My sisters feel sorry for my brother.”
I felt sad when I found out about the family of Lin Ye, who was red.

“Ho….don’t worry bro….My mother is a little sick right now, so she has to do the housework on weekends…. I’m worried about you because I can’t come to the hospital in the snow… If it’s evening, I’ll rush to get you to the hospital, bro….”
I put the phone down from Lin Ayew’s hand and began to cry.
I haven’t seen my boyfriend for a long time, so I miss him so much, when I called to see him on the weekend, Lin Yew was depressed because of his boyfriend’s words.
He wanted to meet his lover so much that he even had to postpone his work. In fact, Sunday is a day full of guests for Lin Ayew, isn’t it?

Because the make-up on the face, which I already want to soften, is thick.
The smell of the perfume is so strong that it can even cover the sweet scent used in the hotel room.
Lin Ye got up from the bed and looked at the clock.
While Lin Ayew was looking at the clock, Auntie hugged Lin Ayew from behind.
“Would you like to come back, brother? Time is up. Time flies so fast”
Aunty said and hugged Lin Yew’s body tightly again.
“Yes ma’am…time flies so fast…I’m happy but I’m not fat yet”
Lin Yeu had to say back with a soft voice.
Her age Beauty is not important to Lin Yeu.
What Lin Yeu needs is money.
Auntie is rich in money.
The kind who only use a good hotel room even for part-time study.
As for Lin Yeu, he is the kind of person who has no mercy.
When they were about to go back, Auntie put another piece of money into Lin Ayew’s bag as a bonus.
Lin Yue was very happy.
This money. These money are the ropes that will continue the mother’s life, right?
I put Auntie Lin in the car, and while I was about to leave the parking lot, a car came in, so I put on my hat and, wondering if it wasn’t enough, I hid behind a parked car.
As a person who has done bad things as usual, he is afraid of everything and feels inadequate.
The car that came in parked a few steps away from Lin Yeu.
Then a man got out of the car and rushed to open the car door on the other side, giving a hand to the woman in the car.
Lin Yee looked at this scene with a laugh.
“Huh” I felt as if Lin Yew had been struck by lightning in the middle of summer when she looked at the woman who got out of the car.
“Snow….snow” Lin Yeew called her lover’s name out loud.
But the voice didn’t come out, instead it vibrated from the throat to the chest.
Lin Yeu wondered if Wuk often wandered around.
When she saw that her lover, Xue, was in the same state as her, Lin Yew was shocked and stood there longing like a lifeless person.
The footsteps of Snow and the stranger were like stabbing Lin Yew’s heart, and it was hard to hurt. “Snow,” Lin Ye called again.
The sound did not come out again.
The two of them gradually moved further away from the shadow.
I felt a salty taste from the corner of my lips as I bit Lin Yeu tightly.

Seeing Snow’s steps as she walked into the hospital, Lin Ye’s heartbeat became extremely fast.
Snow smiled at Lin Ye.
I was staring at Lin Yeu’s lover.
I have endless questions in my mind.
“Brother, what are you looking at…I’ve never seen snow, it’s just falling…”
Snow came to the side and grabbed Lin Ye’s hand.
As for Lin Ayew, I still feel like I’m not close to anyone.
I pulled Lin Yew Xue’s hand back and pulled her to a clean place.
“Brother, where are you going…I’m going to Auntie…”
“A moment.. a moment snow…”
“Why bro…”
“I have a question for Snow…Tell me the truth”
Due to Lin Ayew’s words, Roo Sri kept her face from losing its expression.
“What.. what, brother..”
Because I really had to say it, Lin Yeu didn’t say anything again.
“Hey..Hey, are you okay at home?”
“Hey, why are you asking, brother?”
Rothiri answered Lin Ayew’s question with a daze.
Ah… It’s nothing… If you need money or anything, tell me… My brother is not rich, but he is a man who can take responsibility for his lover.”
As if hearing the words from Lin Ayew in Rohsiri heaved a sigh of relief. In Linyew, I walked back towards the hospital with Yoong Nana as if I was walking in a dream, holding the hand of Roo Sri.

I got off the red bus and walked along the neighborhood road. Usually, they would rent a car to the front of the grandmother’s house, but today, even though I wanted to get some raw materials for writing, I just took the bus.
There are many people on the bus, full of stories. I often hear different words.
While studying and memorizing everything they said, a story, It’s about writing a character with a feeling.
As I slowly walked, the closer I got to my grandmother’s house, the more I didn’t want to go.
This month, the father also sent the money transfer to the grandmother, which is strange, instead of sending it himself, he sent it to Ani Ring and asked the grandmother and the great uncle to kick him.
It seems that the father wants to be comfortable with the grandmother.
In reality, how much of a stranger the grandmother’s family is to Red Red, right?
When the grandmother approached the yard, when she was about to call her into the house, when she saw the scene on the porch in the yard, she was so shocked that the apple in her hand fell to the ground with a thud.
The scene was completely unexpected.
Ko Boon and Ma Ke Zin are both happy on the daan.
As Ko Boon hugged Ma Ke Zin’s shoulder, Ma Ke Zin leaned into Ko Boon’s arms, and the two of them seemed to forget the whole world.
I didn’t think it was red at all.
In the past, I only talked to Ko Boon in a short temper, and I never thought that they would be so perverted behind the scenes.
In the long journey from Ko Boon, Makayzin was not even spoken to by more than one of his neighbors.
It was completely unthinkable that Makezin would do this with a simple cool.
Now knowing that the whole family knows about Ani Ren and Ko Boon, the two of them went on a date.
Looking at Ko Boon and the two of them, I felt red-hot anger coming out.
If he wanted to, he wanted to push open the gate and run and beat both of them.
The red man clenched his teeth and looked at both of them in disgust.
Because of the sound, Ko Boorn and Makeizin looked towards the gate where it was red.
Then the two of them lost their eyes when they saw the red color.
Red stood with a straight face.
“Ni….Are you coming to visit…I told you that I will come to meet you”
As Ko Bong said, he walked to the gate and opened the gate.
Makezin got up from the bed and entered the house.
“Do you have a grandmother?”
He asked Ko Bong in a stern voice.
“There is.. there is Ni..” Ko Bong answered and held out Red’s hand.
The red one abruptly shook off Ko Bong’s hand.
Then, with a sharp look at Ko Bong, he said to the side.
“I’m disgusted by not touching you… From now on, the story between Ko Pong and I is over”


Part (12) to continue
Ecy Pyu

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