“Rose on the Chest” (Part 12)

“Rose on the Chest” (Part 12)

Ecy Pyu

“Rose on the Chest”
Section (12)

“Ni…What are you talking about…Are you accusing me of things that are not yours?”
He looked at Ko Bong, who was angry again, red with anger and pain.
“I’m not accusing you…I’ve seen it for myself…and I’ve been harassed for almost ten years, so it’s good enough…Kong Bong can do what he wants…I’ve decided to follow my own path.”
“Ni…you can’t do whatever you want…you’re coming to grandma’s now, aren’t you…go to grandma’s first….I’ll send you when I get back.”

Ani Jin put the four envelopes containing money into the hands of the adults and sat down.
Even though the grandmother was asking for rewards, her heart was hurting so much that she couldn’t hear the prayers in Red’s ears.
“Daughters, when do you plan to have your wedding?”
I suddenly looked up at the red-faced grandmother because of the grandmother’s question, which I had never asked before, and answered the question in my mouth.
“I haven’t been consulted yet, Grandma… I’m not going to visit Red Father.”
All the grandmothers were silent because of the answer of Ani Ren.
My uncle’s wife, Ma Kae Zin’s mother, looked at Ani Ren and smiled brightly.
I dodged Ko Bong and returned home by myself.
I don’t want to see Red King in glory.
I don’t want to put up with Ko Bong’s behavior, who talks sweet words and pulls softly.
The worst thing is that we can’t accept the obvious social corruption.
I knew Ko Boon’s appearance had changed from before, but I waited patiently because I couldn’t show my hand and I was young.
Now I don’t want to feel these troubles anymore. I want to be alone and calm.
As soon as I arrived at Anirin’s house, I gathered Ko Bong’s belongings and the gifts that Ko Bong had given me in a bag.
“Red…you want to open the door right now…did you hear me saying…I’m saying to open the door”
The sound of banging on the door. Although I could hear Ko Boon’s shouts, I was sitting on the couch like a lifeless person without moving.
The tears that flowed down the cheeks all at once began to flow down to the palm of my hand.
“I’m going back because it’s raining… I’ll come again in the morning…”
After hearing the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs, the whole environment was quiet again.

It was only past five in the morning, so there were not many people on the street and it was still quiet.
I was walking senselessly on the road alone.
I didn’t want to see Ko Bong and left, but I didn’t know where I was going.
I thought about going to the temple early, but I didn’t want to go.
I had no desire to go to the temple because of the heat and anxiety, so I was walking pointlessly.

“Huh” Lin Yeyu Moo was so tired that I blew out a single hot air.
I’ve been looking to rent a house since ten o’clock in the morning, and now it’s almost one o’clock in the afternoon.
I haven’t found a suitable house yet.
If you have enough money in hand, you can easily get the house you want.
This is a house that I can afford and none of them are convenient.
The houses I like are priced at more than 100,000.
In the meantime, they asked for a six-month, one-year contract, so it’s not convenient.
“I’d like to suggest one thing…If the price is not as high as Maung Le Naing’s, should you go to the new side of the city…On that side, the small houses are not more than 100,000.”
Because of the words of my sister who showed me home, Lin Ye sighed again.
The new city is too far from the hospital.
It is difficult for Lin Ye to go to sleep at night.
Rarely, rental cars don’t want to go to new cities when it’s late in the evening.
When I went to buy a plot of land near the new city, I learned almost everything about the conditions of the new city.
And because people have different personalities, the disease is not good for the mother.
Today, I was thinking of looking for a house, so I came to another neighborhood after Lin Yew.
Soon, the mother will be discharged from the hospital, so the house will have to be rented.
After renting a house, I asked my younger brother to bring only the things he needed from the area, and Lin Yeu had to try to settle down in Yangon.
When the younger brother arrives in Yangon, if you send him to work, he will pay the house rent.
I have to look for the rest.
Anyway, since it’s in the city of Yangon, Lin Ayew can go back home at any time.
I had to find a reason to stay in the dorm and go out to work at night.

As soon as I got off the Linyue Line bus, I saw Ani Jin sitting at the bus stop, so I was surprised.
“Red, where are you going?”
I was surprised to see Lin Ye in red.
“Where are Lin Ye going?”
“I’m looking to rent a house…”
“Yes… Ani Ren is walking around because she can’t write… It’s okay. Can I accompany Lin Eyue to find a house for her?
Red said hiding the truth. Don’t want others to transfer your heat.
“I followed…I still have a partner…but the sun is hot and I don’t have an umbrella”
Lin Ye’s words made me smile red.
When I came out in the morning, it was not yet dawn and the sun was not hot.
And I didn’t think that I would have to go from place to place at the end of the day.
Now Ko Pong is constantly calling, so I don’t want to go back home, so I got in the car and came here.
“Now…Rob, I put on the hat, okay?”
Lin Ye took off his hat and handed it to Red.
“It’s ok… I don’t wear it anymore”
“Only try it in winter…the sun is so hot”
When Lin Yeu spoke, she put the hat on Ani Ren’s head, who was refusing with her hand.
“Let’s go… I have to walk…can you walk?”
“Don’t think too much of people… Do you know that I climbed up to Kyai Hyo Pagoda on foot… and I even climbed it with zeal… I was so weak…”
Lin Ye smiled as I looked at the red face talking loudly and remembered my lover Roh Sri.
My lover, Roo Sri, who can walk a little bit.
Yes, of course.
I usually only wear high heels, how can I walk far?
But in a place like a shopping center, it’s not easy to walk.
When I thought about Lin Yeu’s lover, I smiled faintly.
As for the red one, every time I see her, I have to say she’s different because she’s wearing long pants and shoes.
“Lin Yew, what are you smiling about?”
Looking at Lin Ye’s red-faced smiling face, I asked.
“I’m not kidding… I’m thinking about my girlfriend”
Red sighed.
I wonder if it’s only red that it’s not comfortable as much as others are comfortable with it.
Right now, the house is comfortable… why?
Ani Ren spoke quietly to Lin Ye, so that the broker who showed him to the house couldn’t hear.
“Even if it’s one and a half hundred thousand a month…with the water bill, it will be about two hundred thousand a month… My mother’s medical expenses and my dormitory fee are still there.”
After listening to Lin Ye’s explanation, I don’t know how many times, I didn’t know how many times it made my heart turn red again.

“Let’s go Lin Ye…don’t look at me”
While Lin Yeu was pretending to look up at the house, Ani Ren grabbed her hand, so she asked in a whisper, “Why?”
Ani Jin did not say a word but glanced at the neighboring houses.
Looking at the red scene, I went to Lin Ayewlan.
I want the house to be neat and tidy, so I’m just voting for the house without noticing the surroundings.
It was only after the red light that I started to see a bunch of alcoholics next door.

“I’m tired…you’re already in trouble because of me, Red.”
Lin Ayew took out the pipe from the cold bottle, took a drink from the bottle, and said to Red.
“Nothing happened… Don’t be upset about being near… I’m grateful even to Lin Yeu for today.”
“It’s nothing like this”
There was silence between Lin Yeu and Ani Ren.
“And when does Lin Ye have to leave work?”
“I’m going back down next Monday…that’s why I’m looking for a house quickly”
I looked at Lin Ye and thought about it for a while.
“Will you do this, Lin Ayew? It’s just the three of us, isn’t it? We’ll stay at Anirin’s bookstore before we find a suitable house. But Anirin used to live there, so there’s only one room. Then we went to the attic. The shop is not crowded. There is only one sales clerk.”
It’s .. not Ani Ren… because of us, Ani Ren’s shop has been going to sales for a long time… and will the owner of the apartment accept it?”
Ani Ring laughed because of Lin Yeu’s words
“Lin Ayew thinks of Anorin again… that room is Anirin’s own room, Anirin’s father is a businessman who has taken over with a Bosima mother… If it’s okay with Linyue, let Linyew’s family stay there… and grandma doesn’t even know that this room belongs to Anirin.”
I looked at the red shade of Linye gratefully.
“Don’t do this…I don’t want to live for free…I’ll pay about 100,000 a month…I know that you can’t even rent a room in such a place for 100,000 a month, but that’s all I can do at the moment.”
“Well… I agree… I’ll give it to Lin Yew as it’s convenient. For now, I have to go and put the books in the shop first.”
.” That’s how familiar it is.”
After saying that, Lin Ayew and the two of them left the cold store and went to Ani Ren’s bookstore.

“Red, where did you come from….Who is that guy…”
Just as Ani Ren and Lin Yeu entered the bookstore, the voice of Myat Boon’s aunt Thata Gyi came out.
“Huh…this…isn’t this guy that I saw at the shopping center once…what the hell…you’re looking for me because you’re hanging out with this guy, right?”
“Ko Pong Tao…don’t come and say things that aren’t right…think about what you say in the red shop”
“Why not… I know now that you want to hang out with this guy and find fault with me.”
Looking at the red couple in the shade, I don’t know what to do.
From the beginning, I was nervous about this kind of thing, so I apologized to Lin Yeu.
No… no, brother… you are mistaken… Me and Ani Ren are honest friends.”
“Hey, shut your mouth… What are you being honest about… Are you a coolie like you? Are you honest… You know, you and I have broken up, you and I, starting today… I’ll tell the adults myself.”
“Glory to”
His Majesty spoke angrily and left.
I was standing awkwardly in the middle of Lin Yeu.
The red one clenched his fists as he clenched his teeth.
It’s just that there are only sales clerks in the bookstore without buyers.
Everything went quiet again, and a voice came out from the red ring.
“Look inside Linye…”
If Ani Ren called Lin Yeu inside, he also told the clerk.
“Obi Obi… I can’t rent my sister’s apartment… there aren’t too many people, only three people… in the morning there will be only one aunt and one girl… the boy goes to work during the day and goes to bed at night… that’s okay Obi Obi, isn’t it?”
“Yes…Yes, I said, Ma’am’s…I have a partner…the shop has a guard at night, so it’s safe.”
“Even though it’s in the attic, it’s easy for two people to stay… We can sleep when Lin Yew comes back.”
Ani Ren went up to the attic and was calmly explaining to Lin Ye.
In the shadow of Lin, I couldn’t help but stare at the red color.
“Hey…Hey…Are you okay?”
Lin Yeu asked the Red King without daring.
“It’s okay, Lin Ayew… As for the current matter, don’t be hot, it has nothing to do with Lin Ayew… He’s been broken up with Ani Ren since yesterday…”
Hm…ho….are you involved with me?”
“It has nothing to do with where…he decided to break up because he was confused… Even before taking it, I was so confused, and after taking it, I’m still doing this… That’s why I decided to break up.”
Looking at Lin Ye’s red face, I sighed.

On the other side of the hospital in Linyue, On the other hand, when my mother was discharged from the hospital, I had to work to make ends meet, and I didn’t even come to see my lover Roo Sri.
They call each other once a day, but they don’t talk as much as they used to.
They can’t even talk about their love and likes anymore.
Today, Lin Yeu didn’t answer the phone and waited for her boyfriend.
I don’t have to desperately search for my family anymore, and I still have four or five months to go for the surgery, so I’ve been relieved a little bit.
I sat down at a tea shop next to the furniture store where Lin Ayew’s lover, Roo Sri worked, and waited for her boyfriend’s shop to close.
After 6 o’clock in the evening, I saw Roh Sri and the sales clerks coming out of the shop.
When Lin Ye got up from the shop and was preparing to go to her boyfriend, I looked at the scene I saw with awe.
My boyfriend, Roh Sri, came out of the shop and got into the car after chatting with a man waiting in front of the shop.
Looking at that person, Lin Ye immediately recognized him.
And not being able to believe I was standing in place with an inexplicable feeling of longing.
As for Roo Sri, he did not see the rain or the wind, nor did he see Lin Ye.
Still standing there like a madman in the shade.
“Rho Siri is so cute… If you put them together, you’ll be handsome… If it’s not sweet, I’ll join you.”
“I’m sorry…I’m not strong enough…if I’m strong….When I took over the handsome boy, Roo Sri confirmed this one….so we separated the rest of them, kik kik”
The sound of talking and laughter from the two girl friends of her lover, Roo Sri, entered Lin Ayew’s ears.
They don’t seem to recognize Lin Ayew wearing a hat, but they are making fun of Lin Ayew.
Because of the words I heard, Lin Ye’s whole life felt meaningless.
I was walking on the street without being close to people.
Some people started cursing after looking at Lin Yew’s entrance and this entrance.

I was curled up on the red sofa.
The head is dizzy and the whole body is weak.
In the meantime, I felt nauseous and vomited, and I don’t know why.
After the heartbreak, I couldn’t eat or sleep for a week and got sick.
Being alone at this time makes me feel weak.
Life without a companion even to go to the hospital.
It will take a lot of effort to go down from the third floor.
Red got up and prepared to go to the clinic.

When he came out of the clinic, his body swayed uncontrollably as if he was walking in a vacuum.
My mind is wandering all over the place.
When she heard the doctor’s words, “You are pregnant,” when she was completely unexpected, she felt as if her heart stopped beating.
The sin of wanting to do it.
The sin of chasing a lover.
I will have to pay a heavy debt for the sins of not valuing myself.
I was fooled into thinking that there are protections and medicines.
What will happen next? I can’t think of what to do anymore.

Part (13) to continue
Ecy Pyu

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