“Rose on the Chest” (Part 9)

“Rose on the Chest” (Part 9)

Ecy Pyu

“Rose on the Chest”
Section (9)

After leaving my mother and sister at the North Ukkala Hospital, I went in and informed Lin Yew that he had returned to work.
And again I had to ask for permission.
The owner is not very satisfied.
But if Lin Yeu’s situation does not allow it, she will have to quit her job, so the owner of the bean gave her permission with a slap in the face.
Thinking about it from the employer’s side, Lin Ye understands that it is not over.
What is the benefit if one employee is reduced in a shop that does not have many employees?
Even if they were to fire her permanently, Lin Yeu would have accepted it with satisfaction.
However, the employer, knowing Lin Ayew’s power to promote sales, did not fire Lin Ayew.
A month’s advance was issued.
Lin Yeu calculated all the money he had. The money saved in the bank and all the money in the account, or at least the money under the pillow, totaled more than ten hundred thousand.
With one month’s advance payment, the hospital costs are good.
The hard part is the cost of surgery.
It would be four hundred and fifty thousand for surgery.
After that, I want to keep my mother in Yangon to be close to the hospital.
The rent is a headache.
And there are more houses that ask for six months of rent.
The cost of Lin Yew’s dormitory is thirty and a half thousand, and if you add money to that and rent a house, it is convenient enough to rent as far as the new city.
But the cost of commuting to and from work can no longer be convenient for Lin Ayew’s unknown job.
If the house caught wind of what Lin Ye was doing, Lin Ye wouldn’t dare think about it any further.
When I thought about it, I wanted to throw Lin Yew in a manly place and cry.
0 is like being beaten up.
Lin Yeu doesn’t think about where the exit is anymore.
How can Lin Ye overcome these difficulties?
Family responsibilities weighing on his shoulders.
As a human being, Pipi Lin Yeu must try to overcome these.
Isn’t trouble always following Lin Ayew like the shadow of an older friend?
Lin Ye didn’t want to shake anymore.

Lin Yeu took out her secret phone and looked for a job.
Before, Lin Ayew didn’t do this work at all in the afternoon.
Now I’m looking for a part-time job for day and night.
I have to go to the hospital where my mother and sister are during my free time. It’s not possible because I work full time.
That’s why I heard from work.
It may not be possible to earn 450,000 in a week, but for the time being, my mother is renting a house in the new city
And if I take some time for the surgery while constantly going to the hospital, will I be able to save the money?
My younger brother is also studying in the district and tutoring the children, so he earns a small amount of housing expenses.
The school will be closed soon, so I thought again if I could get the younger one to work in Yangon to pay for the food.
The difficult thing is that the younger one is a boy, so I have to worry about whether Lin Ayew’s work will be perceived by others.
Thinking about everything, Lin Ye’s head felt hot and dry.
I want to confide in someone about what I’m hiding inside of Lin Ye.
At this time, the first thing I saw running was my beloved Snow, but I didn’t want my lover to be affected by the heat.
Lin Yeu wants to share happiness with all her loved ones.

At the end of Lin Ayew’s speech, Roo Sri remained silent without saying anything.
After a while, he lowered his head and asked Lin Ye.
“So, brother, do you have money?”
Rohsiri asked and stared at Lin Yew’s face.
Of course, Lin Ayew and Roh Sri knew that the future journey between them was further away.
“There is the money that I have saved for my mother’s surgery…now I have to use only that money…”
“Well…it’s still good”
“Are you all right?”
I didn’t ask. Even in my life as a lover, I don’t want to feel this kind of trouble.
Is it Rohsiri’s fault that I want to spend my life beautifully, happily and casually?
“Now, Snow… I came to tell you because you won’t be too close to Rose… Let’s go eat bread, brothers.”
Lin Ayew diverted the conversation to her lover who wanted to lose face.
Lin Ye knew that she would be worried too.
Lin Ye didn’t want Lin Ye to be unhappy with herself because she couldn’t help Lin Ye with her salary.
If possible, Lin Ayew would like to let her boyfriend take responsibility.
“Come, we will go, Snow”
Lin Ayew grabbed her lover’s little finger and got up from her seat.
Because the water is calm.
The sky is blue and clear.
In the heart of Roo Sri, the mind is dark and gloomy.
What should I do to help you…Should I come to the hospital bro…Should I take care of my mother?
Roo Sri looked at her lover Lin Ayew with a blank stare.
Even though Lin Ye’s face looked haggard, she still looked handsome.
Even with a long-sleeved white shirt and light-colored jeans, the boyfriend is clean.
The hair that was kept to the side was not put on pomade. I think it is still good to see the way the hair falls on the forehead one by one.
Lips that don’t drink alcohol or smoke are red.
Sharp, bright, dark eyes, thick eyebrows. He has a beautiful height that goes well with his compact body.
This man is even luckier than beautiful women in terms of skin beauty, I thought.
I don’t know if I chose him because of his good looks.
Before, Rohsiri was happy to go here and there holding his hand.
When my friends and others agreed with me, I felt satisfied from my heart.
But in reality, money was the main thing for Roo Sri.

After eating Lin Yew and Roh Sri’s bread, they prepared to go back.
As Lin Ayew escorted her boyfriend to the other side of the road, I felt sad because I didn’t buy anything for her boyfriend today.
Looking at Roo Sri’s face was not very happy, so I was worried about Lin Yue.
Don’t ask what difficulties the lover has.
After asking, can Ro Lin Ye help?
I only told my boyfriend about his difficulties, so Lin Yew became even more upset.
Rohsiri got into the car and then Lin Ayew came back to the other side of the road and got ready to ride.
Every time they meet, they always break up like this, but today, Lin Ayew feels more hurt inside.
0 Thoughts that are not funny are pressing on Lin Ye.
In the end, I was not satisfied with Lin Ayewseip, so I transferred thirty thousand money to Rose.
After transferring the money to my boyfriend, the car arrived just in time, so I got into the car.
Soon after Lin Ayew got in the car, Lin Ayew’s phone rang, so when I looked, Lin Ayew saw that it was a phone call from her lover Roo Sri.
Lin Yeu picked up the phone.
“Hello… say snow”
“Did you transfer the money to Rose? Bro… Don’t send the money without telling Rose later… Now I will transfer the money back to you.”
Because of her lover’s words, Lin Yeu felt a rush in her heart.
I was at a loss for words to continue.
Being in the middle of people, I swallowed my desire to ask and put the phone back in my bag.

While sitting in the car, Roh Si handed the money back to Lin Ayew.
Before, I was satisfied with such things.
I was very proud to brag to my friends about everything I got from my boyfriend.
My boyfriend bought it…my boyfriend paid for the bread,” he bragged.
In front of the public, I was very happy to be able to show off my lover and coax him backstage, saying, “I’m leaving, brother.”
Now, instead of these pleasures, I use money like water. Rohsiri now likes to go everywhere with his own car.
And Rohsiri is more attached to the new lover who is bold than the unmoved lover.

The red one followed the books and asked the clerk to note down what was needed.
The book shop of Ani Ren is not selling hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, but it is selling regularly.
The store has a wide variety of books, from children’s books to adult books.
The main thing is that Ainjin loves reading, so he chose a job that matches his passion.
I started writing the red letter while running a bookstore, so I turned the store over to the sales manager.
But since the bookshop and the apartment are not far away, it is easy to go to the shop anytime.
These days, I’m so confused and can’t write, so I’ve been dusting and cleaning the books that are not selling well.
“Mama…I am in Myat Phon”
The clerk’s voice made me look up from between the red bookshelves.
While looking red, I saw Ko Bong enter the room.
It should be noted that it has been several days since I saw Ko Pong and Red.
When Ko Boon called, I picked up the red phone, but every time I made an appointment to meet in person, I kept avoiding it with various reasons.
When he came to Ko Pong’s house, he couldn’t come out.
He didn’t open the door. Right now, what I’m thinking about is whether Red is already a luxury. A luxury that doesn’t get money.
In the eyes of the public, she is a beautiful virgin, but in real life, she is a secret pleasure wife of Ko Bong. She dare not talk about getting married.
There were times when I panicked because I thought that if I told her to get married, it would make her feel dirty.
In the meantime, if you don’t comply with your lover’s wishes, will you leave me?
I thought I was going to pursue pleasure behind my back, and I went along with it all, until I finally ended up living the life of a worthless woman who was not taken seriously.
“Ni…are you deliberately avoiding yourself?”
When Ko Bong asked, he walked over to the red ear. Since he was in the shop, he answered the red face well.
“No… I’m making sure the shop is right now…”
“Then let’s go outside..”
As soon as he spoke, Ko Bong grabbed Ani Rin’s hand.
Due to Ko Bong’s behavior, Ani Ring’s unmarked heart began to pound again.
The red hand reluctantly pulled away.

“Ne, what do you want…take what you like”
Ko Bong said while walking in the mall. I shook my red head.
Buy something that will make you appreciate the gift of a feminine lover.
I don’t usually ask for the right to buy.
And the habit of the red one is to buy only the things that they want the most.
All found Everything you see He’s not the kind of person who likes anything new.
The red-haired man was walking and thinking about what he wanted to do, when he came to a sharp corner and collided with a person coming out from the other side.
The cards fell from the other person’s hand.
When the items fell down, the other person quickly picked them up again, and Ani Ring helped them pick them up while apologizing.
“Please…I’m sorry…Huh”
As for the red apology, I was surprised to see the other person and prepared to say goodbye.
But he shook his head unknowingly and lowered his head, so I bit my red lips again.
His form is wearing a black shirt and black pants, and he looks quite good.
And the usual black hat.
“What are you doing?”
Ko Bong sat down next to him and called Ai Jin, who was helping him pick up the papers, and took his hand.
Then he glanced disapprovingly at Lin Ye, who was sitting down and picking up the fallen items.
“Brother, what’s the matter? Ma’am is talking to me thinking that Maung is coming.”
While Ani Ren was being pulled by Ko Bong, an aunt in her fifties approached Ani Ren’s ear and took Lin Ayew’s hand as she spoke.
And then, with one eye, he stepped forward with a shield.
Lin Ayew looked up at the red-haired woman, hugged her aunt’s waist, and left.

Part (10) to continue
Ecy Pyu

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