“Rose on the Chest” (Part 8)

“Rose on the Chest” (Part 8)

Ecy Pyu

“Rose on the Chest”
Section (8)

“Kocha is rich, Sey’s…My brother just loves snow, let alone Ipai, and I don’t even have wealth…If I marry you, it will be like blowing fire on my lips.”
I told Ye Chin, my lover, what I was feeling.
“That’s right, Snow… Love is not important… The main thing is to secure your future life… If it’s sand, I’ll choose you…”
“I thought the same thing as Snow… If Kochat asks for permission to get married legally, I have to break up with my brother.”
While Rohsiri and Seysei were talking, Rohsiri’s phone rang, so Rohsiri picked it up.
“Hello there ”
“Snow… are you busy at the shop these days… I can’t make a phone call… why don’t you answer the phone…”
“Pa Maung, because sales are up and I’m working overtime… If I have to go down to marketing lately, I’ll be back late… even though I don’t see it, I remember the full-time mount…”
Roo Sri said in a sweet voice and a thick, thick mucus.
“Brother, I remember…we’ll see each other this weekend…So, will you have enough money to pay for the house this month?”
Due to Lin Ayew’s question, Roo Sri bit her lip and answered.
“I have to cut down on expenses to fill up, bro…even though we’re running out of red nails, I still don’t want to buy it…I haven’t been to the food section for a long time…that’s it, bro…I’ll continue with the lack of people in the shop…”
While I was talking on the phone with Lin Ayew, I got a call from Kot, so I hung up the phone.
“Snow, wait for me when I go to work in the evening… I’ll pick you up.”
When I hung up the phone in Lin Yeu, I was saddened to hear what my boyfriend said.
I also thought that Lin Ye could not do anything because of the snow this month.
I was just worried about my love and didn’t even care about my boyfriend.
Lin Yeu counted the money he had in his mind.
After saving money for my mother’s surgery and the cost of paying for the house, I left a little money to spend on Lin Yeu.
You will also have to buy a pair of shoes and a pair of clothes.
When you work at night, customers don’t like it very much if you don’t look good.
This is not too much for them.
They have to fill their desires with money and body, so they will want the best.
Although there are various generalities, they all look first at the surface beauty and the way they dress.
I transferred half of the balance from Lin Yeu’s account to my lover’s account.
He has to find another customer to use it.
Alone in the plaza, Red walked around staring.
I don’t feel like writing in red at the moment, so I went out shopping because I had something to buy.
When I called Ko Pongsi, he was busy.
I had to go to the bookstore today, so I came out with red hands.
While choosing a red shirt at the store, I saw a couple choosing clothes at a women’s shirt store a few steps away.
Looking at the picture of both of them smiling and laughing, it is obvious that they are a loving couple.
Red looked at the two of them in shock.
And Red’s legs automatically walked towards them.
“Ko Boon … Ma Ke Zin”
When Ai Ring called, both of them looked at Ai Ring in panic.
Ko Bong’s face was completely disfigured, and Ma Ke Zin’s face was also greatly disfigured.
After a while, Ko Bong kept his composure and walked over to say goodbye to Ani Ren.
“Did you go shopping…”
“Yes,” I bowed my head with a red illusion and looked at Makizen.
Mace Zin’s face was a little tight.
He looked up at the red one and said with a bit of a jerk.
“I came across the road with a car in Ko Pong”
Yes, Ma Kay Zin…I came to greet you when I met you…Ko Bong called Red Ren and said you are not busy with work…Why are you not busy because you have to go shopping with Ma Ke Zin?
As soon as he said that, he backed away with a red face. A loved one.
One of them is a sister and a cousin. Red’s heart was so angry that my flesh trembled.
“Ni wait a while…”
“What… what do I have to do…”
Myat Bong ran after Ain Ring and grabbed Ain Ring’s hand and called him.
Red was still angry, so he suddenly bumped his hand and said in a harsh voice.
Seeing the form of the red, Myat Bong was suddenly surprised.
“Ne, what’s wrong with you?”
“What ..nothing happened”
“If nothing happens, how did you tell your sister… You’re not young anymore, are you still a child?”
Because of His Majesty’s words, I looked up at the red-faced Myat Bong with irritation.
“It’s childish, right? … Who is childish … Do you know that only Ko Bong should behave like adults?”
“Ni, it’s not the way you talk… I’m getting angry… It’s cool… I don’t want to talk to you… I’ll come to you at night… I’ll send Kezen now…”
As soon as he said that, he looked at Ko Bong, who turned away and turned red.
The way he went to glory was unbelievable.
He backed away and didn’t even look back at the red one.
I gritted my red teeth and backed away.
Looking at the red boy walking with quick steps, Lin Ye quickly turned his face to the other side.
I pretended I didn’t want to know because I had seen Lin Yew’s situation from the beginning to the end.
Lin Ye felt sorry for her as she clenched her teeth and was about to cry.
When the person on the other side left, he didn’t even turn around to look.
I thought that Lin Yeu was a complete person in her life.
When I saw it, Lin Ye felt quite sad for her.

While I was placing the new items in Lin Yew’s shop, the phone rang, so I picked up the phone because it was the home extension, so I picked it up.
“Heh….I didn’t say anything…Is mom feeling better?”
When Lin Yeu asked, her sister’s voice on the other side was silenced, so Lin Yeu felt a jolt inside her.
“My mother had to be hospitalized, brother… If you can take leave from work, please come back… My mother is very tired right now.. She said that she has to move to the Yangon hospital, brother.. How can I do it…”
Lin Ayew held the phone and felt as if she wanted to fall down with her knees bent.


Section (9) to continue
Ecy Pyu

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