“Rose on the Chest” (Part 10)

“Rose on the Chest” (Part 10)

Ecy Pyu

“Rose on the Chest”
Section (10)

Looking at Lin Yeu, who had backed away, I felt sad in my red heart.
When I asked about it, I said that I don’t do this work during the day.
So what would you do if you met a relative of the woman?
I don’t think it’s necessary because it’s a big mountain in the afternoon.
Thinking to myself, I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Ni, what are you looking at…don’t go looking at such a guy because he’s handsome…he’s definitely an old lady, and that guy is eating chutney.”
I was disappointed because of Ko Bong’s words.
It’s not related to the red color.
But I don’t like the fact that the person I love has such a habit of speaking to the other party like this.

“I’m going to carry the glorious red beans. …”
Ani Ren got out of the car and said to Ko Bong. Ko Bong opened the car door and came down
“Why don’t you want to take me home?”
“It’s not like that… because I don’t want the glory.”
“Be strong… today I took time for my lover”
After saying that, Boon pulled the covers and took the red hand and went up the stairs of the apartment in front of him.
Due to Ko Boon’s gaze, Ani Ring’s unmarked heart began to flutter again.

“Do you want to eat Ko Pong… I’ll cook it”
“I’m so tired… We go to eat at the shop without cooking…just sit here…you’re just kidding your eyes.”
When Myat Bong said, he bumped Red’s hand, so Red’s body moved to Myat Bong’s side.
Her red body suddenly contracted.
And Ko Bong’s hands hugged the little red body.
I got away with a red blush and made a fake mistake.
“For a moment, I want to drink red water.”
I pressed my hand lightly on my red throbbing chest and walked over to the refrigerator.
I don’t want to make any more mistakes that will ruin my life.
At her age, she is beautiful and should get married.
Red took a cold bottle for Ko Bong and sat in front of Ko Bong.
“I have something to say to Ko Pong”
“Say…talks are still strange”
“I’ll let my father know if you’re going to get married at the end of the year.
Myat Bong was surprised by the sudden words of Ani Rin.
” What…. What did you say? Why all of a sudden..I haven’t prepared anything yet”
Ko Boon’s words made him angry, and he said in a harsh tone.
“How suddenly Ko Bong…Ko Bong and Ni have been together for ten years…and what else do you need to prepare….I rented a hall and invited a few acquaintances…”
“Hey….the way you said it was just a child playing, it’s easy, Neal…didn’t you think of consulting the parents first?”
“Consult…the parents know…the main thing is to tell Ko Pong House”
“So why are you so worried… What’s the problem with staying here… Now you can meet whenever you want… I’m thinking of getting married when I get my own house…”
Ko Boon’s words made Red’s heart swell with anger.
“It’s okay, Ko Boon…why stay here after marriage…I’ll ask Ko Boon straightly…doesn’t you have any idea of ​​marrying Ani Ren…”
“Ha…what did you say, Ni…what’s wrong with you…who said they don’t want to get married, so I just told you to wait for a while”
“Let’s wait, what do we have to wait for… tell me what do we have to wait for more… I want to question the red people around me.”
“Is it the environment… When have you ever cared about the environment… What is the environment that you want to live in?”
“Ko Glory”
Red angrily yelled at Ko Bong.
“It’s been a long time and I’m confused. I’ll be back.”
After saying that, Myat Bong walked out of the apartment with big steps.
I clenched my teeth as I sat on the red sofa.
I had thought in my mind that there might be trouble regarding the marriage of Anirin, but this great experience made me feel unbelievable.

“Is mom okay…”
Lin Ayew asked her mother as she sat down in the waiting room.
My mother looked at Lin Yeu, nodded her head, and answered in a gentle voice.
“I’m fine, son…are you tired?”
“I’m not tired, mom…don’t worry about anything for my son…stay healthy mom”
I looked at my sister as Lin Yew replied to her mother.
My sister has to stay on the waiting bench day and night, so I can’t sleep well. It seems to be incorrect.
Seeing my sister is quite thin, Lin Ye felt sad.
For one day, I wanted my sister to relax and sleep with her legs stretched out.
No relatives in Yangon.
I can’t take him to Lin Ye’s dormitory.
As Lin Yew looked at her sister and thought about it, the first thing that popped into her head was her lover Roh Siri.
Lin Ye was wondering if I should tell my boyfriend.
“Brother… why?”
Lin Ayew’s sister asked her brother who was staring at her.
“No, sister… I want my sister to sleep at home for one night, so my brother can watch over me alone at night…”
“Okay, brother… I’ll sleep here.”
Lin Ye sighed and took a few steps away.
If his younger sister falls, there will be trouble.
It’s impossible to call the younger one. Even now, my sister won’t have a place to sit if Lin Yew comes.
If possible, I would like to rent a private room so that I can rest for the day, but I have to spend long days in the hospital, so I have to save the hospital costs as much as possible.
While Lin Yeu was thinking, she called her boyfriend.
“Hello there”
Hearing the sweet voice of my long-lost lover made Lin Yeu happy.
“Hello Snow. How are you? I miss Snow so much.”
Even though Lin Yeu was speaking, her lover’s voice on the other side was quiet, so Lin Yeu asked.
“Hello Snow… did you hear what I said… How are you, Snow?”
When Lin Ye asked again, the voice of Roo Sri came out.
“I’m fine… I said… what can I say?”
In fact, when I asked clearly, Lin Ye’s mouth was speechless, and she didn’t say anything to Xue.
In the middle of quite a bit, Lin Yeu spoke up bravely.
“Ho…Ho, help the snow
I would like to ask for a little brother….this…like this….I wonder if I can let Mont’s sister sleep at Roo’s house for a night.
At the end of Lin Ayew’s speech, Roo Sri was silent for a long time.
Then Roo Sri said in a low voice.
“I’m so sick, brother…a friend of my brother’s home is here…I’ll try to think about how to help you.”
Lin Yeu was upset by Roo Sri’s words, but she quickly replied because her lover would be angry.
“It’s okay, Snow…don’t be upset about anything, okay? I can sleep at my sister’s house after work…my brother deliberately wanted my sister to meet Snow.”
Lin Yeu said laughingly to her boyfriend and hung up the phone.
It’s hard to find a place to stay in the city.
If you have the money, you can go to any inn you like, but you can’t trust Lin Yue.
While thinking about Lin Yeu’s head, I thought of someone.
She didn’t say let’s be friends.
I don’t know if I can ask for help or not.
Of course, she was alone in her house.
And she is someone you can trust.
Without thinking about anything, Lin Ye called her.
” Hello there ”
Hearing her strange voice, Lin Yeu hesitated again, not knowing what to say.
“Hello…who is it?”
At the end of her question for the second time, Lin Ye had to give up.
“Ho…Ho, I’m so bright and red”
When Lin Ye finished speaking, I heard her voice again.
“Aw, Shin… I’ve changed my phone number… and I’m calling the strange red one… is there something wrong… tell me…”
“Ho..ho….like this…I want to ask you for help…”
Lin Yeu was strong and asked for help.
When Lin Ye finished speaking, her voice immediately came out..”
“It’s okay, Lin Ayew…you didn’t say that to Ani Jin from the beginning. You and I are already friends…we will help each other as much as we can…now…I will come and pick up your sister, okay…just wait at the hospital”
After talking on the phone with Red, Lin Ye was quite happy.
I feel quite light in my mind.

“Brother, sister, I’m fine…I’m sleepy sleeping here, brother.”
Lin Yue said, looking at her sister.
“Now, Alas Ma… Listen to my brother, right… My brother’s friend is a girl… and he’s alone… it’s safe for you… I’ll sleep at his house for a night, are you ready… I’ll come in the morning in peace… Now get up… I’ll be ready if he calls me.”

I got out of the red car and told the driver to wait for me.
Then I took the fruit and bread that I had bought on the way.
When Lin Yew, who was waiting under the portico of the hospital, saw Ani Ren, she slowly walked over and greeted him.
“What did you buy…don’t buy anything”


Section 11 to continue
Ecy Pyu

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