This (Peperomia pellucida) is called blackboard leaf or fairy betel leaf.

In the past, it was used to erase letters from blackboards. It is a habit-growing plant.
This plant contains antioxidants that can fight cancer.

It is rich in vitamin C and contains beta-carotene which complements vitamin A.

Traditional healers from the Philippines are rheumatism, Eating this plant as a salad for arthritis (gout). They cook and eat.

Drug interactions
(1) For breast cancer, a handful of leaves should be washed clean, crushed, and applied to the breast. If treated with hives, it will heal.
(2) injury; various injuries raw wound land acne, For various skin diseases, clean leaves are tied and applied to the wound. If you apply it, it will heal.
(3) plants for water disease; leaves Turmeric Mix it with a few grains of rice and leave it on the sore for about a night to heal it.
(4) acne, For freckles, boil a whole fifth of the leaves and apply the decoction on your face every morning to heal them.
(5) rheumatism; For rheumatoid arthritis, the leaves are dried and eaten in salad. boiled food If you do the tapping, the disease will be cured.
(6) eye pain For cataracts, wash a handful of these leaves to make them clean, extract the liquid, and apply a small amount to the eyes twice a day to cure eye pain and cataracts.
(7) For those who have warts, soak the plant in liquid, apply the liquid to the warts often, and place the millet on the warts.

The warts will magically disappear.

May they have a righteous life

Traditional Burmese medicine

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