How to Give Away Amazing Content and Still Boost Your Sales

How to Give Away Amazing Content and Still Boost Your Sales

A question many beginning marketers ask is “Well, if I give away all of my great stuff in my email campaign, how do I teach at a high level that they’re going to be able to get more out of?”

Again, this goes back to being an expert. If you look at what I do, I may have 500 or 1k different topics that I could teach on at a high level for 30 minutes to an hour.

We could measure maybe 500 hours’ worth of deep information. No matter how well I pad my email campaign, within the first 30 days that somebody is in my email campaign, they’re probably still only going to get 3 hours’, maybe 4 hours’ worth of information. I can give my very, very best information in those first 30 days, and give people 4 hours of information, which is.75% of everything that I teach at the highest level. And I still have 99.25% more information that they can learn at a really high level.

Again, this goes back to your level of expertise. If you’re only an expert at two small things, I can understand your reticence, your hesitation, to give that away in your email campaign. Here’s what I suggest instead of trying to find a way to give people as little as possible in the email campaign. Instead, spend the next 60 days attempting to become the highest level expert you can possibly be in that time period.

Then you’ll be able to offer in your entry level subscribers a higher level email campaign than your competition.

What do we do in our sales letters?
Well, we do exactly the same thing. We’re going to scratch at the pain: we’re going to say “Are you frustrated with this problem you’re experiencing?” “Is this a problem for you?” “Are you irritated or angry that you can’t solve this problem?”
If so, I have the solution for you!”
“Here’s how the solution works.”
“This is what it will do for you.”
“This is how it will solve your problem.”
Then you’re leading to a close. People are purchasing your product, not for how wonderful it is, but for its ability to remove the pain. People continue to read your emails for their ability to continue to remove the pain. People continue to download items from you because your items continue to relieve the pain. As long as your training is able to continue relieving pain for people, people will continue buying from you.
But as soon as your products simply begin to calm people rather than solve their problems, that’s when people stop buying from you.
What I’ve shared with you here is emotionally and tactically how you’re going to bridge the gap between the prospects pain and the solution that you offer.
If we just do a quick review: The very 1st thing that you’ve got to do is find out what people’s deepest level pains are. You’re not going to find this at an entry level by doing web searches, or by getting into the forums. Yes, I recommend those things for the very beginner basic level of creating your initial squeeze page.
But to really dig deep, you’re going to have to query those individuals who have taken action to become a subscriber. Find out what their deepest needs are.
Then, in your free download, in your email campaign, in any promotional material that you put out…

whether it’s an audio, video, or print…
… you’re going to dig into that pain, and show people how, by taking action with you, you’re going to be able to eliminate that pain.
When you do that consistently, all the way through your materials and campaigns, then you are able to effectively bridge the gap between the pain and the solution.

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